Michigan Genealogical Council
Michigan Genealogical Council

Organization & Purpose

The Michigan Genealogical Council is a 501(c)(3) corporation.
  • To coordinate/stimulate genealogical activities of statewide interest, including seminars.
  • To cooperate in the location, preservation, publication, and deposit in suitable repositories, of Michigan records of value to genealogists.
  • To provide information to the membership regarding speakers, teachers, seminars, and workshops.
  • To encourage and/or work with other organizations or agencies involved in promoting improvements in genealogical facilities and holdings of Michigan archives, libraries, museums and record repositories.

Operating Year: July 2018 - June 2019

Executive Committee
President: Katherine Willson
Vice-President: Daniel Earl
Recording Secretary Delegate: Sue Irvine
Recording Secretary Board: Rozlyn Kelly
Corresponding Secretary: Brenda Leyndyke
Treasurer: Jill O'Sullivan
Director term ending 2019: Larry Noyes
Director term ending 2020: Chelsea Johnson
Director term ending 2021: Faye Ebach
Standing Committees
Awards: Barbara Curtindale
Continuing Education: Daniel Earl
Finance & Budget: Jill O'Sullivan
Media Communications: Judy Sheldon
Membership: John Pierce
Newsletter: Carolyn Haines
Projects: Roger Moffat
Public Records Access: Derek Blount
Special Committees
Archivist: Connie Olson
Central Mail: Sam Pardee
Distribution & Marketing: Sam Pardee
FGS Delegate: Thomas Koselka
Historian: Barbara Curtindale
Lucy Mary Kellogg Award: Chelsea Johnson
Past President Advisor: Thomas Koselka
Pioneer Certificates: Kim Smith
Webmaster: Thomas Koselka

Past Presidents

1972-1973: Wayne Seltzer 1996-1999: Connie Olson
1973-1975: Lenard (Leonard) Zorn 1999-2001: Dale A Ladd
1975-1977: Marian Dawson 2001-2003: Marilyn Hebner
1977-1979: G. Curt Bradley 2003-2005: Ann Martin
1979-1981: Donald DeZeeuw 2005-2006: Mary Lou Duncan
1981-1983: Margaret Walker 2006-2007: Marilyn Hebner
1985-1987: Marianne Cox 2007-2009: Joanne Harvey
1987-1989: Eunice Pines 2009-2012: Cynthia Grostick
1989-1991: Kim Harrison 2012-2017: Thomas Koselka
1991-1994: Al Freeman    
1994-1996: Velma Schafer    
The Michigan Genealogical Council is a 501(c)(3) organization.