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Recent Continuing Education Sessions

Finding & Working WIth Genealogical Speakers with Judy Nimer Muhn.

Managing Society Digital Projects with Kris Rzepczynski of the Archives of Michigan and Shelby Nelson of the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Committee 2023 News

We are currently evaluating topics based on feedback we received from all of you. Those two topics are:
Special collections/Resources around the state
Digitization projects

These two topics received the most requests in our recent poll. We are currently investigating and creating a curriculum that will hopefully answer your questions on these topics.

As part of that investigation, we are asking for your help:

On the topic of the Special collection – we are looking for assistance with content and panelists. Send us an email to the email address below:

If you are interested in being part of a panel discussion on the topic
If you want to make us aware of the location of a special collection (your library/university/genealogy center)
What form are they in?
Digital Media

On the digitization topic, we could also use your assistance in the same ways
If you are interested in being part of a panel discussion on the topic
Do you have a digitization project underway
What are you digitizing?
Are you doing it internally?
If not internally – who did you get to do the work?

On either of the topics – what do you want to know?

What kind of questions do you want us to answer?
Media of choice

Please email your information to: judynmuhn@gmail.com

In your email, include the following:
Your Name
Which topic?
Do you want to be a panelist?
If special collections
-What is the collection?
-How large is collection?
-Where is the collection?
-Is it free or is there a charge?
-Media Type
-Is it available online?

If digitization project
What are you digitizing
How large is it before/after?
Is it on media or in the cloud?
Why did you digitize?
Is it available online?

If you have other ideas for Continuing Education Committee topics – please let us know at judynmuhn@gmail.com.

On June 11, 2022, the Michigan Genealogical Council held a Continuing Education session Hybrid Meetings: Tips & Tricks featuring Doug Reith and Charles Kocher.

Handout (16 pages)Slide Deck (Doug Reith 37 pages)

On June 16, 2018, the Michigan Genealogical Council held a Strengthening Our Societies Workshop in Pinckney, Michigan.

by Amy Johnson Crow – July 2016
republished with permission  
by Jen Baldwin – July 2017
republished with permission