Michigan Genealogical Council

Michigan Genealogical Council Membership Benefits

The Michigan Genealogical Council was founded in 1972 and is a non-profit organization. MGC’s purposes are:

  • To coordinate/stimulate genealogical activities of statewide interest, including
  • To cooperate in the location, preservation, publication, and deposit in suitable repositories, of Michigan records of value to genealogists.
  • To provide information to the membership regarding speakers, teachers, seminars, and
  • To encourage and/or work with other organizations or agencies involved in promoting improvements in genealogical facilities and holding of Michigan archives, libraries, museums, and record repositories.

Meetings: Six delegate meetings are held throughout the year to present our member societies with information and presentations of timely genealogical topics. Meetings are held in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Awards: MGC sponsors the Lucy Mary Kellogg award that is given annually to a deserving genealogist who is a member of one of our member societies.

Pioneer Certificate Program: Two certificates, Michigan Pre-Statehood (before 26 Jan 1837) and First Families (26 Jan 1837-31 Dec 1880), are offered by MGC to honor our ancestors that settled in early Michigan. Recipients who qualify receive a certificate and pin.

Speaker and Program List: MGC provides a list, updated twice a year, of speakers and programs available for member society meetings. Additionally, we offer a speaker contract for members’ use.

Records Preservation and Access: Updates on record preservation and access are offered monthly via the website.

Workshops:  A “Strengthening Our Societies Workshop” is offered biennially. Topics are selected that focus on helping our member societies provide the best in society management.

Seminars: A Fall Family History Seminar is held yearly in cooperation with the Archives of Michigan and the Library of Michigan.

Council Information Website: Our website includes information on member societies, events, newsletter, pioneer certificates, MGC merchandise, research tools, awards, and links to the Archives of Michigan and the Library of Michigan. Our secure members-only section has important meeting information, reports, bylaws, delegate duties, policies and procedures manual, and speaker approved handouts.