Michigan Genealogical Council

Newsletter Editor Job Description

The Newsletter Editor’s responsibility is to prepare a quarterly newsletter for the Council. The Editor is appointed by the President based on the individual’s qualifications and skills. The Editor is a member of the Board of Directors with voting privileges. The Editor may attend all committee meetings as an observer for the Newsletter.

1. Select articles suitable for publication from members, member societies, genealogical resources, etc. Obtain permission to use copyrighted material. (Will get postal mail from Publication Distribution member or via email.)
2. Inform president, board members, representative of Archives and Library, as well as membership of deadline to submit material for the upcoming Newsletter. (Usually 2 weeks prior to assembling the Newsletter.)
3. Prepare draft of Newsletter and email PDF to President for approval. Edit, check all hyperlinks, and send back to President in PDF to put on MGC website for members.
4. Email PDF file to printer with number of copies needed (from Corresponding Secretary). Print on 8.5×11 paper, B&W, double sided, stapled in top left corner, and folded ½.
5. Obtain email file of mailing labels from the Corresponding Secretary. 
6. Print off mailing labels and return address labels as needed.
7. Pick up newsletters, pay for them, insert in 6×9 inch envelope, add address label and return address label. 
8. Take envelopes/newsletter to US Post Office, purchase stamps, and mail newsletters.
9. Purchase supplies as needed: envelopes, stamps, labels, etc.  Submit receipt(s) and voucher to Treasurer to be reimbursed by Council.
10. Annual review of printing costs with the Board of Directors.
11. If required by the Board after the printing cost review, obtain bids for printing:  
a. Select from minimum of three printing sources
b. Determine choice based on quality and price.
c. Submit copy of chosen bid to Council
12. 2 copies of the printed newsletter go to the Council file cabinet. Take to board meeting for
Newsletter Content: 
The Council Newsletter should be clear, concise, attractive and easy to read. Each issue should contain:
1. Name and official address of the Council.
2. Volume and issue number.
3. Date by month and year. 
4. Name of Editor, Officers and Committee chairs with contact information.
5. Brief message from President, Archives, and Library representatives.
6. Notice of date, place, time and program for future meetings.
7. Names and addresses of new member societies.
8. Calendar of Council or member societies future events.
9. Announcements of future activities, fundraisers, exhibits, and new developments of interest to member societies.
10. Brief reports on special events such as conferences and seminars.
11. Report on important decisions made by the Board of Directors.
12. Obtain permissions and give credit for origin of articles from other newsletters or publications. 
13. News from member societies.
14. Newsletter is usually 20-22 pages.
15. Mailing cost for print version of the newsletter is covered by MGC for:
a. Complimentary copies of newsletter mailed to several libraries.