Michigan Genealogical Council

MGC Newsletter Information

The Newsletter is published quarterly by the Michigan Genealogical Council.

Items and Content for publication in the Newsletter are due for the

  • The Winter issue (January) deadline is December 15.
  • The Spring issue (April) deadline is March 15.
  • The Summer issue (July) deadline is June 15.
  • The Fall issue (October) deadline is September 15.

Please submit your Michigan Society newsletter or any original items for publication to the Newsletter Editor, newsletter@mimgc.org, e-mail submissions, and electronic newsletters as attachments are preferred. 

Please note hard copy takes additional processing time; if you are unable to send it electronically the snail mail address is:

Michigan Genealogical Council
c/o Newsletter Editor
P.O. Box 80953
Lansing, MI 48908-0953
For questions about the Newsletter and submissions, please contact our Newsletter Editor as described above.
Permission to reprint a signed article must be obtained directly from the author.
Unsigned material may be reprinted without permission, provided the MGC Newsletter is given credit.
Member society delegates and presidents are notified by e-mail when a new issue is available online.